Why the Lion is the King of the Forest?

In this article we will see why the lion is called king of the forest. Actually, the lions are not contested and elected as a king in the forest rather with its characters and behavior; we only call it as king of all the animals. One of the most famous Tamil speakers Mr. Suki Sivam and some others have spoken about the lion once. I would like to share with you a little about that.

A male lion looking terribly A male lion looking terribly.

We would have seen dogs usually urinating around the streets. Particularly in the vehicle tyres, electric poles, compound walls, etc. Even humans are no exception to this. Sometimes our feet will be drenched too. Do you ever think of why do dogs do so? They represent their territory. The places they mark by urinating define their jurisdiction.

Similarly, the male lions have their own territory and set up a life style. We can see men are proud to say themselves a lion. The reasons behind this pride are due to some decent life style and majestic look found with lions. Let us see some of them list wise below:

Interesting Facts about Lions

Though the lions have both plus points as well as some negative characters, we will discuss everything character wise here. Also, these are the possible reasons for the lions to be called as the King.

The Lion’s Walk

Lion’s walk looks very majestic amongst all other animals. We can observe a kind of braveness, in the every step the lion places on the ground. That walk symbolically tells the forest that everything is its kingdom. Though, the lions are afraid of some giant animals like giraffe, elephant and hippopotamus, etc. The comedy to be noted here is that even a porcupine too fights against the lions.

The Lion’s Sight

You can watch lions usually take a walk around and look back frequently. In that sharp sight, it observes everything what happens and what appears behind it in a single turn. Lions do not look at here and there to watch around like other animals. The attempt is always only once. They can monitor both the sides. Keeping this character in mind, our ancestors were insisting men to look after everything in life as if a lion.

The Lion’s Roar

Lion’s roar may be for indicating other lions where it is. Sometimes, it roars to show its strength to the other lions and also to protect its territory from other male lions. Roaring of a male lion is always being intimidated and louder than female lions. It could be heard up to a distance about 5 km.

Eating Habits

If lions once had its prey, they never look for hunting again until the next hunger. It will ignore even if any prey found in front of it whereas the tigers are not so. They hunt all the time and even if they are not hungry, they hunt and keep the prey inside the bushes, stocking for the next hunger. But lions hunt only when they are in requirement (Hungry). Male lions often do not hunt. On the contrary, the female lions will hunt and bring the prey. Male lions take the prey only after the female lions and cubs have eaten. In rare cases, male lions go for hunting.

Social Oriented

Lions are always seen united. This is the notable fact for them for being the most powerful of all. The members of their pride take as few as 3 up to a maximum of 40 lions of which adult male lions could be less than 3 and some more young male lions are allowed. The rest are female lions only.

Lions Pride A pride of lions sitting on the ground and looking around

Generally, more than an adult male lion in a pride could not be possible. Adult male lions that have equal strength will fight each other. Anyone of them should definitely leave the other’s territory, until then the fight will not end.

Bonus Facts about Lions

The lions belong to the cat’s family. They are the only cats that can taste the sweet flavor.

Lions are capable of running at a speed of 80 km/h. They live for 10 to 14 years. They always like to live in the autumn forests on the plain grasslands so that their prey could be easily seen to them.

Once, Siberian tiger was the largest cats of all. Nowadays, we cannot surely tell anything which is larger and how could it be, as the things are changing frequently and a lot of unbelievable events are happening day by day. I’m telling not only about the lions. I mean our intellectuals have already formed a new species called Liger by letting a male lion mate with a female tiger. That resultant species, liger has found to be the largest cats of all today, then the tiger became the second and then the third one is our lion, the king of the beasts.

The Lion King Shadow of a male lion standing in front of the sun set

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