Benefits of Using Clay Pots

A pair of Mud pots - Clay pots
A pair of Mud pots (Clay pots) ©

There is an activity that is very satisfying us always is keeping a mud pot (Man paanai) full of drinking water at the porch (Thinnai) in our home. It not only quenches someone’s thirst but also it keeps them healthy and live long life.

Mud Pot (Man Paanai)

Mud pot cuisine is a traditional way of Indian food processing methodology. Today, even though this traditional cuisine has been declined in India, mud pots are being used extensively in all other countries.

The Famous Pongal festival, which is celebrated in India, is reminiscent of the mud pot, at least once in a year. Nevertheless, in some cities today, drinking water is placed in mud pots alongside the roads for the public consumption. It is very happy to see such clemency, even nowadays.

Once, Stanford University had published a report in its research study that the food produced in the mud pot is much healthier than the ones cooked in metal utensils. Following this, many people returned to the mud pot cooking culture.

In this article, we will see the benefits of using mud pots.

Benefits of Using Mud Pots

Taste: The food cooked in the mud pot is more delicious and tastier than the food produced in metal utensils.

pH Value: Mud pots keeps the acidity and alkaline in balanced level. If the pH value of a drink is below 7, then it is said to be acid. If the pH value is above 7, it is alkaline. It is important to note the pH value of the drinks we take every day whether it is acid or alkaline. If you don’t know how to bring this level balanced, just use mud posts for storing drinking water. It always keeps the pH level around 8. It is very good to our health. If you take pH below 7, you may feel pain in your joints and other symptoms.

Micro nutrients: Mud pots retain 100% of the micro nutrients in the food contents (Ingredients) whereas the metal utensils keep only 30%.

Timing: When the food is cooked in mud pots, the heat spreads equally and consistently all over the ingredients. Moreover, it takes some time to cook, but the output recipe will be very delicious and tasty much more. Moreover, it adds vitality and longevity to us.

The foods which are cooked in the mud pots lasts a long.


If you feel uncomfortable with mud pots, at least try to avoid plastic bottles to store drinking water. Plastic particles release harmful chemicals in to the drinking water. It may get in to some serious troubles. So, keep mud pots or copper vessels for storing water and have a healthy and long life.

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