5 Rules to Grow Your Business Big

Sometimes we think about one question, what do big organizations which are attaining sustained growth, do differently from the other businesses, which are not stepping towards the growth.

5 Rules to Grow Your Business Big I read several magazines, books and articles on the internet regarding businesses and realized the fact that the growing companies concentrate their efforts mainly on some specific areas.

I would like to summarize them in to 5 rules for better growth of the businesses as follows:

  1. Be a leader
  2. Customer satisfaction
  3. Effective planning
  4. Marketing strength
  5. Employees management

Rule #1 – Be a leader

As an owner of the company, you should be the leader first. Leader means, you should be a pioneer to all the others. That means, you should keep doing the things what you expect the others to do.

Rule #2 – Customer satisfaction

Ensure whether your products or services whatever you offer are earning you a strong trust from your customers and not only the money. The following are the important key tools to build trust and strong relationship with the customers:

  • Timely delivery of product or services
  • Instant support services
  • Inquiring about the performance of your delivered product or service
  • Frequent follow ups and communication
  • Regular seasonal greetings
  • Site visit

Rule #3 – Effective planning

Each and every organization do plotting their plan of activities on weekly or monthly basis, but the question is whether it is effective. We do not wake up at the time of sun set. Likewise, the effective organizations always do the things at the right time. Nothing can be increased by simply stretching anything to any extent.

Rule #4 – Marketing strength

Everybody know you only if you make your presence yourself in the market. You should play only to win the match but, not to defeat the others. Some ideas to work out the business marketing categorized in to online and offline marketing are as follows:

Online marketing:

  • Google ads – Advertise with Google, the biggest marketing platform
  • Social media – update your business on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.
  • Email marketing – Use popular email marketing like Zoho, Mailchimp, Aweber, etc.
  • Websites and blogs – Have an awesome website to show your portfolio

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Offline marketing:

  • Print advertisements – Low cost newspaper ads
  • Print publications
  • Direct emails
  • Cold calling
  • Exhibition participation
  • Business card distribution wherever possible at the right places

Rule #5 – Employees management

Create the workspace environment to let your employees think your business as if their own. Try to avoid pointing comparisons between the employees. Not that he is the boss and that man is a substitute. Everyone has their own purpose and equivalent capacity.

You know, it takes around 24 years from the childhood for all of us to prepare ourselves to start the life journey alone in this society. So, it could not be handled that much easily and organizations are not the places to play with. Sorry, these exciting comments are from my own experience as an employee in an organization.

Your company can make use of the complete effort of your employees only if you allow them to discharge their responsibilities fully. Responsibility of someone cannot be defined by some other else. Each and every person should be the equal part of every activities. Once a person’s thought has been diverted at somewhere else, it is difficult retain it back to the workplace.

For some specific kind of short term projects, you can hire freelancers on the internet.

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I believe the above business development strategies would help you to step up further. If you want to tell anything regarding this article “5 rules to grow your business big”, write your comments below in the comment box.

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